Western Foods Technology Company Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter seafood in Vietnam. West Vina was built on 2 hecta area. It was established in 2009. We employ over 500 people who are motivated, integrity and excellence persons. We always strive to create excellent business with our customers and maintain a good quality of products.
Besides this, West Vina is also one of Vietnam’s largest cold storage service providers. Many customers have entrusted their goods to our cold storage service. Our cold storage has the most modern refrigerated equipments. Its capacity is 16,000 metric tons.
* Product : We are processing many kinds of sea-fishes such as: Bigeye Scad (Meaji), Threadfin Bream (Itoyori), Herring Fish (Mamacari), Silver Sillago (Kisu), Pangasius, Squid, Octopus, and Soft Shell Crab.
* Facilities and Equipments : Laboratory room, Air Blast Freezer, Contact Freezer, Tunnel Freezer, Boiling machine, Flake Ice machine, Chilling room, Anritsu Metal detector.
* Production capacity : 20 metric tons finished products per day.
* Certificate : HACCP, BRC 2011, IFS, ISO 22000, GLOBAL GAP, HALAL.
* Market : Japan, Korea, EU and other countries in Asia.
* Contact :
     + Address: Lot 2.20F1, Tra Noc Industrial Zone 2. O mon District, Can Tho City, VietNam.
     + Tell: +84 710 3744 802
     + Fax: +84 710 3744 803
     + Email: thao@westernfoods.com.vn
     + Website: www.westernfoods.com.vn
     + Website Cold-Storage: www.khomientay.com.vn